Royal Canadian’s Phytogen introduced as a must item that Beauty and Booty Season 4 chooses

Posted by HYE MYUNG PYO on

Phytogen, a female hormone balancer of the original canadian dietary supplement brand Royal Canadian, was introduced in the fourth season of Donga TV’s Beauty and Booty as female hormone balance supplements chosen by the actress Hong Soo-hyun.

Donga TV’s Beauty and Booty is a TV show produced to deliver various information on beauty and lifestyle trends starring Hong Soo-hyun, Nam-joo of APink, Sol-bin of Laboum and Sleepy in Season 4.

The TV hostess Hong Soo-hyun introduced “Phytogen” as a natural female hormone balancer from Canada. She stated in her vlog that it’s a supplement that she consistently takes to balance her female hormones. She also mentioned that it can help treat or relieve the symptoms of menopause, irregular periods, and pms and so on.  

In the studio, each cast member got to try the product and it was highly praised for its benefits of balancing out abnormal female hormone levels without excessively boosting or reducing them.

Phytogen is a natural female hormone balancer that uses LSDG as its main ingredient. It helps the health of the womb by providing optimal balance to the body by helping with antioxidant action as well as promoting and suppressing female hormones.

It is 100% made in Canada from R&D of the raw materials to manufacturing and received a NPN number from Health Canada.


An official from Royal Canadian says, “Phytogen has been loved by a lot of women here in Canada and we are very happy to be able to introduce this lovely product to korean consumers through this great opportunity.” She also says, “Due to the increased popularity of phytogen, quite a bit of similar products and counterfeits have emerged in the market so please check the authenticity before purchasing.”

You can find more information on Phytogen, featured in Beauty and Booty season 4, on Renu Bio Health’s official website (