Renu Bio Health Introduces Thinetrol Slim Health Product to Its Line of All-Natural Supplements

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Renu Bio Health Ltd. this week introduced the newest product in its line of all-natural supplements. Thinetrol Slim’s patented formula includes three citruses intended to aid long-term weight loss by helping fat cells convert to energy faster.

Founded in 2001 in Vancouver, Renu Bio Health is a nutraceutical company specializing in analysis, research and development, export, and global marketing of raw materials. Its products each contain ingredients aimed at preventing diseases or providing a specific medical or physiological benefit. Likewise, its global team of scientists and academics perform extensive testing and research to source the finest ingredients and develop effective formulas for its dietary supplements.

Thinetrol Slim is a natural fat burner that contains Sinetrol®, which is a Mediterranean citrus complex developed by the French firm, Fytexia. Sinetrol is a new weight management formula that uses natural polyphenol extracts from grapefruit, sweet orange, blood orange and natural caffeine from guarana. In addition to Sinetrol, Thinetrol Slim includes raspberry ketones, apple cider vinegar, L-Arginine HCL, and Vitamin B1.

“The key ingredient in Thinetrol Slim is Sinetrol, and we source that directly from Fytexia for quality assurance,” said Dr. Daniel Kim, research and development director, Renu Bio Health. “Based on the results of successful testing and clinical trials, we are excited about our product’s potential to help people to reach healthy weights for overall wellness.”

Made in Canada, Thinetrol Slim consists of only natural ingredients without any chemical additives. It is available at, along with the company’s other all-natural supplements for women and men.

“Renu Bio Health’s goal is to enhance the quality of life for our customers and be the leader in providing high quality, safe nutraceuticals. Our greatest strength is our R&D – which allows us to identify gaps in availability and effectiveness of all-natural dietary supplements and devise solutions with products like Thinetrol Slim,” Dr. Kim added.

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