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Everyone talks about collagen for its age-defying effects, but what is it? And how does it work? The reason collagen is so popular is because it works wonders by turning back the time on your aging skin. Let’s breakdown some key points of this powerful beauty rejuvenator. 

Q: What is collagen?

A: Collagen is polypeptide that contains a mix of amino acids (proline, hydroxyproline, and glycine). It is present in your connective tissues and is produced by fibroblasts that also make elastin and hyaluronic acid, which are also important for the health of your skin. 

Q: If your body already makes it, why do people take collagen supplements? 

A: Collagen supplements are important because by the time you reach ages 25-35, the creation of collagen in your body decreases by 1.5% a year. Often times, collagen is down by 30% by the age of 45! Collagen supplements like Premium Collagen+ help to hydrate your skin, improve blood microcirculation, and reduce/slow wrinkle formation.

Q: What causes collagen to decrease?

A: The impact of  UV exposure, stress, diet, pollution, sleep, and even gut health imbalance (see Women’s Probiotic) can result in damage to collagen.

Q: How does the body use collagen supplements?

A: In the digestive system, the body breaks the collagen supplements down into fragments and absorbs it into the bloodstream. The presence of this broken down collagen causes the fibroblasts to act as if collagen replacement is needed and will then be prompted to make more collagen. The collagen will also essentially be a bioavailable source of amino acids, used to build new proteins and compounds, and will be used by the body as needed.

Q: How does collagen help with hyaluronic acid, and what does hyaluronic acid do?

A: Hyaluronic keeps your skin hydrated, as it helps with the water contained in your cells. Hydrated skin makes the skin appear supple, plump, and glowing. Premium Collagen+ helps to increase hyaluronic acid levels as well as prevent its degradation.

Q: Why is blood microcirculation important for collagen?

A: Blood is your body’s main transport system of nutrients and waste. By having improved microcirculation from products like Premium Collagen+, your skin receives better nourishment of nutrients and oxygen and is rid of waste, doing what no other skincare product can.

Q: What should I look for in a collagen supplement?

A: Many supplements on the market contain fillers, so you’re not really getting what you’re paying for. Common fillers are maltodextrin, carrageenan, sugars, and other artificial ingredients that just lower the effectiveness of your supplement and make you pay more. Avoid these, as well as those with added glucosamine, and be sure to get your money’s worth with your purchase.

Collagen can be an essential part of your skincare routine that you’re missing. With collagen in your routine, your skin can become better hydrated, nourished, and present an overall healthier appearance. Premium Collagen can do what no foundation or skincare product can; make your skin healthy from the inside.