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Noni Fruit

For over 2000 years, Noni has been acknowledged as a healing fruit for a numerous health concerns. Our Noni fruit reigns from Hawaii, where Noni trees grows alongside lava which in itself provides extra nutrients to the growing Noni tree. The Noni fruit is extremely rich with beneficial nutrients. The fruit contains large amounts of antioxidants such as iridoids and beta carotenes, vitamins C and E, antibacterial agents, amino acids, and many more amazing components that make up the fruit’s 165 beneficial compounds. Being this rich with nutrients, it is no wonder ancient Hawaiians used this fruit to heal wounds, infections, inflammation, arthritis, aging, and even tumours for years. Today, following numerous studies, the Noni fruit is believed to be capable of improving your health by drastic amounts! The Noni fruit is believed to be an analgesic, an immune system booster and antibacterial, used as an antidepressant, improves your skin and hair, help with cancer, hypertension, and cholesterol, can improve memory, and helps with constipation.

An analgesic is another word for painkiller which is a nickname the Noni tree has earned: “The Painkiller Tree.” This title has been placed on the Noni fruit because of its incredible pain-relieving abilities. Clinical trials have shown its effects to exceed that of ibuprofen. Studies of people with neck pain or arthritis, there were significant decreases in pain intensity and frequency, and significant increases in mobility and personal quality of life satisfaction. 

The health of your immune system is important to preventing other illnesses from affecting the rest of your body. Noni is long known to support your immune system by way of its many beneficial antioxidants. Including antioxidants in your diet is important as they may lower the risk of acquiring chronic diseases and conditions. The antioxidant-rich Noni fruit lowers the oxidative stress that is connected to a great number of illnesses. Antioxidants can neutralize free radicals in your body that have the potential to create cellular damage which leads to oxidative stress. By protecting your cells from toxins and free radicals, your immune system is strengthened and the likelihood of developing an illness decreases. In addition to these amazing antioxidants, the Noni fruit also have antiviral and antibacterial activity, further protecting your body from sickness.

Through many studies, Noni is found to possibly have anticancer activities in the body. A study conducted with tobacco smokers also showed how Noni is capable of lowering the levels of tobacco’s cancer causing chemicals by 45%. Furthermore, by strengthening the immune system, Noni helps the body better fight cancer, reduce pain perception and fatigue, improve physical functions, and even kill a small percentage of a type of cancerous cells as stated in volume 26 of a Phytotherapy Research paper by Amy C. Brown. For cancer patients, Noni is said to work well in conjunction with anticancer drugs, enhancing their therapeutic effect and possibly helping to lower their doses. In addition to this all, the fruit stimulate nitric oxide development and has noni-ppt, a polysaccharide, which both fight cancers.

When it comes to hypertension and cholesterol levels, Noni may have the ability to be impactful in these areas. The fruit can have positive effects on people with high blood pressure, as it may be able to reduce blood pressure for them. In terms of cholesterol, Noni is able to prevent your body from absorbing LDL cholesterol, the bad cholesterol that clogs your blood vessels, and increasing HDL cholesterol, the good cholesterol. A study even found that Noni was able to lower total cholesterol by 20 to 25%. It contains phytosterols, plant derived cholesterols, that have great benefits for humans. It helps to stop LDL from clogging up the arteries for your brain and actually improves your memory this way, as your brain health improves and receives a more consistent blood flow. 

The Noni fruit is essentially a miracle fruit. With every one of its 165 beneficial compounds comes an improvement to the health of your body, and even your mind as it can even provide relaxation and an improved mood. Its immense amount of vitamins contributes to its pain relieving capabilities, anticancer activities, blood pressure and cholesterol maintenance, and the health of your immune system. It is important to take care of and nurture every part of your body, and the Hawaiian Noni fruit that has been recognized for generations as the miracle healing fruit it is.

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